about us

In the beginning there was Mabu Cloth

Mabu Naturals began in 1997 with a determination to build a truly eco-friendly range of products, starting with our first product, Mabu Multi Cloth, also introduced in some major US retailers as DUZI Cloth. From the start our Mabu Cloth attracted fan mail. Often from fans who were hooked and couldn’t live without it – where could they get some more? Also many commented on the fact that the cloth soon became as soft as a diaper.

Our Next project: Washable diapers

From these roots, we decided our next big project should be a washable diaper. There were already some great and innovative reusable diapers out there, but they were often only available in specialty shops, boutique markets, or in a limited distribution. And most of them were quite pricey.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Philosophy

Our aim is to combine our eco-friendly philosophy with state of the art materials so we can bring to market an affordable option that will be increasingly accessible to consumers.

Outstanding International Team

We work with fabric manufacturers and specialists. Some team members have many years of experience in the disposable diaper market and share our passion to find a “better” way. Others have expertise in marketing, distribution and shipping. The design team develops the diaper design, and all the product packaging, graphics and promotions.

Five Years in Development

The result after five years of development is the easy to use Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System. It goes on easy – like a disposable. Families will save money using our Eco-Diaper system instead of thousands of disposables.  And they will help reduce landfill contamination from the billions of disposable diapers now going into our rapidly filling landfills.