washing tips

Washing Tips

• You can wash the complete diaper, with the diaper outer and pad holder snapped together, or wash them separately.
• Close the soft touch hook & loop fasteners over the laundry tabs to prevent them from catching on other clothes.
• Store wet and soiled diapers until laundry time in a dry pail or waterproof laundry bag. Just empty bag into washer and toss bag in as well.
• Be kind to the environment and hang diapers to dry, although they will tumble-dry quickly on a low setting.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Outer and Pad Holder

More washing tips…

Diaper Pail

We suggest a plastic lidded garbage can for your diaper/laundry pail. This can be used for dirty diapers and soiled clothes. Many moms find using a stepcan diaper pail is the easiest – with a top that pops up with out using your hands.
Diapers can also be directly placed in a plastic lidded pail/bin – but this requires cleaning your diaper pail more regularly.

Diaper Pail Liner

To make laundry time easier it is helpful to line your diaper hamper with an elastic edged waterproof pail liner. The liner functions like a trash bag that you can wash over and over. It is ideal to use two: one for lining the hamper while the other is in the wash. When you are ready for the laundry, grab the whole liner, dump the diapers in the wash, and then toss in the liner itself. This keeps your actual contact with the soiled diapers to a minimum. The liner can be used in a pail or hung on a door knob

Reducing Odors

A couple drops of tea tree oil in the pail of diapers helps reduce odors.

Storing dirty diapers on-the-go

A waterproof wet bag can be used in your diaper bag to keep diapers sealed up until they go in the laundry.