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Sizes and fits like disposables

Mabu Baby Eco-Diapers mimic the easy fit of lightweight disposables. And like disposables, they come in sure fit sizes, so you can get a snug fit with fewer leaks.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper in all sizes plus tags

The Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper system’s trim, sleek design puts the bulk where babies need it and not where they don’t.

Tips for best fit

• Like all diapers, Mabu Baby Eco-Diapers need to be changed every 2-4 hours. If more frequent changes are needed, it may be time to move up to the next size.

• For the best, no-leak fit, make sure the pad holder elastic rests against the crease of baby’s legs. Diaper should fit snugly around waist and legs with no gaps. Snug the diaper and pad close to baby’s body.

• Mabu Baby Eco-Diapers have a generous fit, allowing for longer use of each size with your growing baby. Diapers fit each baby uniquely.
Chart A reflects the full range of fit for all body weights.
But weight is not the only measure for sizing.

Chart B is more suited for babies with leaner builds.
For instance we recommend using the smaller size MIDI to get a tight fit around the leaner legs and waist of babies who weigh as much as 25 or even 27 lbs.
The MAXI size will give a tight fit around leaner legs and waist for babies who weigh 25 lbs or more.



Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper on Newborn