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Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper goes on easy like a disposable

Press a pad, disposable or washable, your choice, fully into the pad holder to
create a U-shaped cradle that will hold in moisture and reduce leaks.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Open Diaper

Keep your extra Mabu Baby Eco-Diapers preloaded and ready for changing, with the bio liner tucked in on top of the washable pad. The liner makes removing solids and washing easier.
• Remove baby’s soiled or wet diaper and set aside.
• Put a clean, fresh diaper on baby with a washable or disposable pad, whatever suits your plans. The Eco-Diaper goes on like a disposable – fasten the tabs to the hook and loop strip on the front.
• Ensure edges of bio-liner are tucked into pad holder to prevent leaks.
• When making up diapers, fold the washable diaper pads so that the terry cloth panels are on the inside, and the smoother, EcoWix™ layer is on the outside.
• Discard disposable diaper pads and liners in your household waste or compost. Liners are not flushable in all toilets.