Liners make washing easier

Our bio-liners make removing solids easier. Simply wrap the pads with a Mabu Baby Bio-liner. Ensure the edges of the bio-liner are tucked into the pad holder to prevent leaks. The liner makes it easier to peel off solids and dispose of in the toilet.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Liner Box









Dye and fragrance free
Our bio-liners are dye and fragrance free and better for baby’s skin and
are made from 100% Rayon Viscose (wood pulp fiber)

Are liners flushable?
If you check all the popular mommy blogs you will see that all liners on the market have the potential to clog plumbing. Flush one liner at a time only. When in doubt, dispose of liner in trash.

Is the liner wet only? You can rinse it and hang to dry for a second or third use.