disposable pads

You choose when you want
the convenience of disposables

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Disposable Packaging

Our quilted Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper disposable pads come in sizes that grow with your baby for a comfortable and snug fit.



Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper pads are made with chlorine-free pulp. They are fragrance free and hypo-allergenic so they are kind to your baby’s skin.

Less waste in landfill

Our disposable diaper pads create less waste than a full disposable diaper, reducing pressure on landfill. Dispose of the diaper pad in your normal household waste, NOT in the toilet


Use these high absorbency, disposable diaper pads when out and about with your baby or whenever you want the convenience of a disposable.


Disposable Pads Outer: Spunbond Polypropylene Based Nonwoven Fabric
Disposable Pads Inner: Chlorine-free Pulp with SAP