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Stop buying hundreds of disposables a month

Now a great option to pricey cloth diapers. You save up to $50 a month by buying Mabu Baby washables versus continually buying brand name disposable diapers over a 30 month period.

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See the cost saving chart below

Designed to save you money

• Use again and again, cut down on trips to the store for disposables.
• Buy extra washable diaper pads to stretch times between laundries.
• As baby grows, use your smaller washable diaper pads as booster pads.
• Use the washable diapers for next babies

Cost saving comparison

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System
Disposable Diapers

Mabu Baby Savings vs Disposable Diaper Costs


















(1) Based on the following assumptions: Usage over a 30 month period and a total of 8460 diaper changes
(2) Average quantity purchase of Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System: 20 Starter Kits and 24 washable pads for a total cost of approximately $680.
(3) The average disposable diaper cost was calculated to be $0.27 based on the cost of a variety of diaper sizes and brands from
Calculation for total disposable diapers cost is: 8460 (diaper changes) X $0.27 (average cost) = Total Cost of $2285.00