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Bought my first starter kit today.. actually 2! Drove 45min away to get them and I cant wait to try them out tomorrow for the first time! I’ve researched cloth diapers for a few months before deciding to purchase and I am really impressed with the convenience of these and they aren’t as intimidating to new cloth diapering moms.. which is a HUGE plus! Kayla G.

Just bought my first starter pack today…can’t wait to try them. Glad to have a local store that sells cloth diapers now! Patty T.

LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! Have used cloth diapers since my son’s birth (ten months) and have tryed several brands/systems on the market! Yours is the only one that will last the night w/o leaks! The liners are an absolute stroke of genius and the closures do not irritate Wm Connor skin like other velcro does! I have never been a big fan of “big box” retailers but will make the effort to shop them for a product like this!!!
Allyson G.

SOOOO awesome to see cloth in walmart!!!! About time walmart carries cloth…lol I hope cloth spreads like crazy!!! My walmart doesn’t carry all the size in the washable inserts or even the spoies, will they get more in? is it just because it is new?? Sherrie E.

I was in our local walmart yesterday to see that they had started Mabu baby cloth diapers! I am a cloth diapering mother that is currently holding cloth diapering info meetings in my home twice a month, and I have told everyone that I can think of that I seen these at walmart yesterday!! Nikki A.

Hi, I live in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Just yesterday our Wal-Mart started carrying your starter kits & disposable inserts. I am really excited, because no other stores in our community sell any cloth diapers. Shayna B.

I have been using the Mabu diapers and have been enjoying using them thus far. However, I was wondering if you sell just the covers or more cloth inserts? Danna L.

I would like to buy some. I would need them to be located in Independence Iowa Walmart for it to be worth the gas to drive. Thanks, Fodie N.

I love that your products are available at many supercenters and will be readily available to parents! Laura D.

Just yesterday our Wal-Mart started carrying your starter kits & disposable inserts. I am really excited, be- cause no other stores in our community sell any cloth diapers. Shayna B.

As a cloth diapering home I am excited to see these sold in stores. I can’t wait to see how well these work! Brittny W.

I will be looking at these. I hear our local Walmart is carrying them. I have been CDing exclusively since my DD was 7 months and now she just turned 2.
Shayleen C.

I am currently testing your diapers, and so far loving them. I would like to ask you to start offering these at the walmart in Noblesville! I know there are at least 5 if not more cloth diapering mothers up here and most are very interested in these diapers after seeing my testing ones. The local Meijer’s sells cuteybaby, but were not big fans! So stock our store and compete with Meijer for cloth diaper sales!! Melissa P.

I see that the diapers are only available on the main street store in Billings Montana. I was wondering if they will be available anytime soon in the King avenue store. The store number is 1956. I was asking because I will definitely use them when i have my next child but I work for store 1956 and would want to spend my hard earned money at my home store and are you going to expand the distrubution on the diapers to Montana with the Heights store being the only one selling them. Thanks for your time. Sincerely Annie J.

I must say, so far I absolutely love your product! It’s so trim and absorbent! I am specifically looking for the reusable pads. Shayna B.

Saw to day in Walmart in Florence, Alabama! Can’t wait to try!!! Kathi A.

Thank you for coming to Walmart in Calallen area of Corpus Christi, TX! Julie R.

Just saw them at our local Walmart, and I’m intrigued. I’ve been cloth diapering 2 little ones, in a community that I am the Lone Ranger in for the most part. It’s not very common here at all, so it was great to see your products. I look forward to trying a pack as soon as payday arrives. Lora L.

We use cloth diapers as well and was excited to see these locally. Oh and another it would be great if we could purchase aditional snap in pad holders will that ever be an option? Deanna P.


i think some colors and/or prints would catch a lot of people’s eyes in the store. also, i think it would be great if you could purchase the pouch for the insert seperately to have extras. great product! thanks for bringing them to uniontown, pa Krystle S.

No walmarts in my area have Mabu baby - statesville, NC :( Ashley A.

New fan here. I dont have a little one in diapers anymore but hoping to be cooking one by the end of the year. Walking thru the baby section and saw the diapers. I was totally excited when i saw cloth diapers in wal mart. My question is can you buy bigger numbers of shells or covers on instead of just two at a time? If not maybe something to look into. Annie J.

I just bought eco diapers. I really hope these work, instead of $20 for a box of diapers every 2 weeks, I can choose to buy the $10 disposable inserts , or just use the washable inserts that come with the Mabu Baby starter kit. Also I found these at Walmart! Golden C.

3 months in mabu baby mini. about 12 lbs. nice fit with springy but gentle elastics no leg gap! yay! Krystle S.